• Here at Madam Mystique, we value our customers and we value our customer’s personal information, as such it is important to state the use of that information on our end:


  • Who controls your personal data?

Madam Mystique is responsible for the personal data that is submitted to us by our customers. All of your data is protected under the applicable data protection law.


  • What we do with your information?

When you make a purchase from us, we collect the information you give us (name, address, and email address). When you browse our site, we automatically receive your computer device’s internet protocol (IP), as a means to learn about your browser and operating system.


Email Marketing: If applicable and with your permission, we will send you emails regarding new products, as well as updates.


  • Consent?

By providing us with information to complete a transaction, such as credit card information, we imply that you consent to us collecting this information in order to process your transaction. The information that is provided on your end is used for the specific reason it is provided only.


  • Disclosure?

We have a right to disclose your information, only if it is in violation of the law or if you violate our terms of service.


  • Security?

We take reasonable precaution in order to protect your information at all times, this especially includes credit card information. We go through great lengths to ensure the private information provided stays private, and is not inappropriately misused, accessed, lost, disclosed, altered, and or destroyed. Although no security storage is 100% secure, we here at Madam Mystique follow all PCI-DSS requirements, and we use our own methods and accepted industry standards of security.